Disease Module Identification approach – DIAMonD

About Us

The Network Medicine group focuses on using network topology and network dynamics in identifying novel therapeutic targets and disease biomarkers. We are involved in applying Network Enabled Wisdom (NEW) in medicine and personalized healthcare. Our group attempts to provide new network-based tools to study global relationships between human disease genes in the interactome, and predict new potential disease candidate genes from diverse -omics data using interactome models (DIAMoND). At CICS, our group is involved in developing network-based models to identify new potential therapeutic targets for cardiovascular diseases using mass-spectrometry proteomics data.

Our goal is to model complex biological systems as networks, where the elements of the system are nodes and the interactions between these elements are edges. Studying such perturbed and control networks will make it possible to gain insights into numerous applications like genotype-phenotype relationships and novel therapeutic target identification.